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-      The link above will take you to the website. Most of my favorite shows can be found on that page. Hulu is compatible with more than just computers. I don't get to watch real TV often, so watching shows online is the next best thing. Well, it is better because you can pause and go back in time!


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: 03/15/2011 :

-      I had the luxury of participating at the MicroCon-Florida event this year. I spoke about my 3D laser-scanner setup, which uses software called David-LaserScanner to capture the 3D data used to recreate the object on the computer. I provided a quick and dirty demonstration of the scanning rig and showed some videos on the alternative devices used to deliver similar results. Unfortunately, at the time of the event, I did not get a chance to show the complete creation process. The process involves scanning the entire object, recording images of the object, combining all scanned pieces into one single object, reducing the object for use in, and uploading it to the website once it has been reduced.

-      In addition to my presentation, the event featured a character animation demonstration with 3DSmax. There was also a great demonstration on many of IMVU's basic creation methods, using 3DSmax. Sketch-Up demonstrations included similar demonstrations of simple object animations and advanced creation of rooms and objects. Even a modeling agency for characters, accessories, furniture and rooms was presented. The demonstration showed you the added value you get from hiring the right marketing imagers and models to sustain your products perception and clarity with customers. Pandora, the program, and future Pandora related material was also shown at the event. The purpose of Pandora is to expand the client with additional tools that IMVU does not provide, or it simplifies tools that already exist. Live and active poses, with special models, are available and the future promises additional sorting tools for your custom closets of items in your inventory. Lastly,, a grown-up chat program, was demonstrated with a deep focus on the enhancements which it provides over IMVU's, less realistic, all-ages chat.

-      Before I forget... Below are some links to the support files related to my demonstration. I will post a video of the demonstration as soon as it is ready.

David-LaserScanner, This is the laser scanner software I use in the demonstration.
Mesh-Lab, This is one of the programs I use to merge the scanned sections into one object.
Sketch-Up, This is one program I use to reduce the final objects polygon count and edit the structure with.
UV-Mapper, This is one of the tools I use to create the final mesh-mapping.
3DS-Max (3D Studio Max), This software can do all of the above, except the actual laser-scanning.

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: 03/15/11 :
MicroCon-Florida upcoming 2012 event, and 2011's past event.


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